Reactor Products Variable Inertia Flexplate


Contact:  Olan Teves, Reactor Products (310) 323-0065

Gardena, CA - Now you can replace the breakage-prone OEM Chevrolet flex plate with a precision Reactor Products Variable Inertia FlexPlate and gain the performance advantages of "store energy". Here's how:

First, you've probably come to know the problems associated with using the stock Chevy flex plate in high performance applications. Because of its construction (.090-.110" steel stamping with a tack welded ring gear), it commonly suffers from misalignment, excessive run-out and outright breakage.

The solution comes in the form of a precision computer machined solid billet aluminum flexplate. These units are reinforced in all critical areas, and by the use of special "lightening slots", are comparable in weight with the OEM flex plate.

However, in many applications, weight properly placed can actually benefit performance. And that's why a special Inertia Weight Ring is offered. The weight ring is easily bolted to the flexplate as desired, and because the weight is concentrated on the outside (as opposed to the hub area), it takes full advantage of gyroscopic forces to provide "stored energy" on the launch.

Moreover, the weight ring serves to significantly reduce RPM drop-off between shifts, which keeps the engine closer to it's optimum power band.

The reactor ring set-up has proven to be an excellent benefit to those racers with smaller displacement engines, but is equally at home on engines of any size.

National event winners and N.H.R.A. record holders have found proven performance and unsurpassed quality in the Reactor Products Variable Inertia Flexplate. Call or write today for personalized assistance in selecting the reactor inertia ring setup best suited for your application.

The Reactor Flexplate and Inertia Weight Ring come dynamically balanced and are available for small block and big block Chevy (153 and 168 tooth) applications, Buick V-6, Mopar & Fords.


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REACTOR PRODUCTS, P.O. Box 3403, Torrance, CA 90510-3403   Phone: 310.323.0065