Aluminum Inertia Flexplate
Benefits of Aluminum Inertia Flexplate Now Available for Imports

Thursday, October 29, 1998

Contact:  Olan Teves, Reactor Products (310) 323-0065

Gardena, CA - Based on overwhelming customer demand, Reactor Products proudly announces the introduction of their successful Aluminum Inertia Flexplate into the import market. The Reactor Aluminum Flexplate has established a legendary reputation as the leader in high performance, high horsepower applications since 1984. A standard feature on many series and national championship cars, the Reactor Aluminum Flexplate provides many benefits over the normal OEM flexplate.

The precision computer machined solid billet aluminum flexplate provides improved strength and flexibility, resulting in improved overall performance. The aluminum absorbs a majority of the engine harmonics, creating a smoother ride, which also reduces engine bearing wear. The flexplate comes with a replaceable steel starter ring gear.

The Reactor Aluminum Inertia Flexplate is available now for Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, and most other manufacturers. Experience what thousands or Reactor customers have come to know, for unsurpassed quality and proven performance, the Reactor Aluminum Inertia Flexplate can't be beat.

Reactor Aluminum Inertia Flexplates can be used to achieve performance improvements with cars, boats, airplanes, tractor-pullers, mud-boggers, etc. Call for additional information on these applications. Custom orders are available.

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